Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mary J Blige's latest news

Oh dear,
Not yet another violent woman who seems to be able to get away with it!

This time singer Mary J Blige punches her husband in the face and right in front of the media.

I know I've said it many times before - but let's imagine the jail cell her husband would be in right now if he'd been the one to do this.

Nobody has the right to use physical violence against another. That goes for men, women and may be we could include 'countries' too.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Why this picture isn't funny

Q. How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. That's NOT funny!

Nor is this photo of Tiger Woods. Imagine for a moment if it was the other way around. There would be uproar. But its OK to joke about a man being beaten. No it isn't.

Yes, but he's a philanderer, you may say. Who knows the truth? Relationship professionals know that 'cheating', adultery, call it what you like is never the cause of a relationship problem, its invariably one of the symptoms.

This is not to say that cheating is ever a good thing. But here is a well-written, Huffington Post article "Tiger Woods: Predator or Prey" by Debbie Ford on the type of women who have come forward to tell the world of their 'relationship' with Tiger Woods.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Thankfully she was found out

False allegations of sexual abuse by a woman (Bibi Giles) against a gynaecologist (Angus Thomson) appeared in yesterday's Sunday Times.

One of the comments to this article is worthy of being included here.

"It is often said that today's radical feminists are trying to roll back the clock to an era when frail women had to be protected from the harsh world and the natural predatory inclinations of men. That is only partly true. What the radical feminists want is the traditional special protections women had in more paternalistic days plus all the rights that they have gained in the quest for equality with men. Their effort to abolish male privilege while preserving and expanding female privilege is likely to create the very backlash feminists fear. Moreover, most women do not want their brothers, husbands, or sons to live under a legal system that presumes them guilty; nor do they believe that sex is rape, freedom is a male plot, and an abused woman can be her own judge, jury, and executioner." Well said bn harper.

However, its fascinating to read through various other comments from women who attack bn harper (who is probably a guy, but could be a woman) for stating his views. And doing what so many dangerous women do - they try to change the subject.

Bibi Giles withdrew her case when her own former GP threatened to tell the court that she pestered him for sex. Angus Thomson, a good man by all accounts, could have been ruined by her antics. Society needs to protect all victims of dangerous people. That includes innocent men.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A journalist's response to the 'Due Diligence Checklist'

Earlier this week I contacted a female journalist I know about the publication of a 'Pre-Marriage' Survey I have commissioned. This is part of her detailed response;

Your due diligence form will certainly be a talking point and I’d be very happy to run it any time ..... although I can see why you would prefer to hold it for use from February 1.

To be absolutely honest I could hardly read the press release as I have a great friend who seems to be in just the pickle you are trying to avoid.

I don’t think anything in the world would have stopped him moving in with this person. His nature is very supportive and optimistic and he so wanted to support his partner who is very insecure and needy.

None of his freinds could imagine why they were getting together. I knew the sad and poignant background and supported him (not that it was my place to judge or argue anyway.)

Since then he has been subjected to almost daily abuse, which on one or two occasions has been physical. His partner also drinks far too much – something neither he nor any of us were aware of – and clearly needs help. I have suggested to him that they go to Relate, but she will not go. It is a tragedy.

Friday, 11 December 2009

I am REALLY a feminist

I'm very serious about this. I am a feminist. I completely believe that all women should have equal opportunities. AND equal responsibility. That means not just when its convenient.

I don't believe in 'special' equality - for men or women.

That said - this picture did make me smile.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

In the interests of 'fairness'

This link popped into my inbox.

In the interests of 'fairness' you might like to read it and make up your own mind about its accuracy and the motives or agenda of the person/people who have contributed to it.

Scroll down to the section

"Dangerous nutty bitchez"

The 'author' has copied and pasted vast tracts of text from my business website (without permission of course) and then uses it to make various snide, sarcastic and hateful comments about me. It makes for interesting reading. Does it say FAR more about the writer than it does about me?

Then click on the 'comments' button to read more of the same. This one caught my attention because they directed their hatred and viciousness on my co-author Mary Cleary too.

"Oh, my journalist partner got a review copy of the original ‘That Bitch!’ version of this book. It was so hilarious I used to get it out when my friends came round. I wish I could remember some of our favourite quotes – it was truly Olympian in its patheticness.

I was surprised to see a woman had co-authored it, until I read the blurb and noted that she was one of the sub-set of Irish Catholic women that equates piety with some of the bitterest misogyny you’ll ever see."

Perhaps I should add this to the testimonials page on the book website :-)

The quote above is a perfect example of what Mary and I have written about; vindictive, poisonous, untrue and abusive behaviour by some women. Thank you girls.

Mary has been helping innocent male victims of domestic violence at Amen ( for the past 12 years. She's a remarkable woman. I am in awe of what she has done. I will always remember meeting a woman in Dublin who had a brother who was helped by Amen. She said "In our household, we thank God for Amen. Amen saved by brother's life."

Bristol 'Beauties' Turn Ugly

One day these same women will almost certainly be looking for husbands to father their children. And this type of incident is on the increase.